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‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli files $30M fraud lawsuit from prison

The scammer says he was disappointed.

Martin Shkreli, "Pharma Bro," who is in a federal prison in Pennsylvania for defrauding investors, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on Friday, claiming that three people related to the pharmaceutical company he created scammed him for an amount of $ 30 million.

Shkreli says that two members of the board of directors of Retrophin, which he founded in 2011, and a consultant of the company deceived him into signing a fraudulent document that caused him to leave the company, which, according to him, led him to lose a job. much of the benefits of the company.

The three defendants, who are all residents of California, "had little to do with the success of the company, but were driven by their egos, jealousy and greed, succeeded in only one thing: creating and carrying out a plan to expel Mr. "Shkreli from the company for his selfish benefit," says Shkreli in his complaint.

Retrophin was at the center of Shkreli's securities fraud trial in 2017: he was found guilty of plotting actions to shore up the company's share price, as well as to defraud investors of two hedge funds he also created, MSMB Healthcare and MSMB Capital.

After his sentence, he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Shkreli has apparently kept busy behind bars. A few months ago, the Wall Street Journal revealed that it has been administering another pharmaceutical company, Phoenixus AG, from the prison using a contraband cell phone.

That trick led him to solitary confinement and led him to be transferred from the minimum security prison in Fort Dix, NJ, to a new facility in Allenwood, Pa.

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