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Pink Fiercely Defends Image of their children running in the Holocaust Memorial

Pink, Brit Awards 2019

Ian West / PA Wire

Pink is calling critics of his recent Instagram photo.

On Sunday, the superstar took to social networks to post a series of photos of her family's time in Berlin, Germany. In a photo, Rosa and Carey Hartchildren Willow, 8, and Jameson, 2, can be seen running in the Holocaust Memorial. After sharing his post, Pink received some critical comments about the photo, including one that said: "This place is definitely not a place to hide, dear Pink."

Addressing the comment, Pink turned to his title to write: "For all the comments, these two children are really Jewish, just like me and my mother's family." The same person who built it believed that the children were children. and for me this is a celebration of life after death, please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves. "

Many of Pink's fans and other stars also came to her defense, including the actress. Selma Blair.

"I also love Berlin, I love that what happened has not been forgotten," Selma wrote. "I love this celebration of life, I love you."

Another commentator also pointed out that the architect of the memorial, Peter eisenman, said that "children who play there is a good thing and there is no contrast to the place". The commentator added: "Children who do things as children and enjoy their childhood are actually a good thing."

Pink, who is known for her epic applause, previously shared that she had finished posting photos of her children on social media.

"I have to [go after them] sometimes, "said the Grammy winner Ellen Degeneres in April. "I feel like I can change their minds."

"I mean injustice," he continued. "I do not like injustice (…) I do not like how brave brave people are anonymous and rude, it only means, petty, petty."

Then he added: "I like to share with my family, it is the most proud moment of my life, I feel more proud of my children than anything else I have done, I will not share them anymore, I will not." . I'm not posting pictures of them anymore. "

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