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Who's in the final? Who is the agent?

It is time for the semi-finals of the program Agent – Stars! The 12th episode of the program was recorded in Fuerteventura. The first competition took place on the sand dunes stretching up to the horizon Corralejo. There was that participants divided into two groups and equipped with metal detectors played the roles of treasure hunters. But they did not know that their purpose would be the notebooks presented in the previous episode. Kinga hid them in metal boxes on a large beach. The only hint to the players was the map with marked points in which the gains were hidden. It was a unique opportunity to get information from people who had faithfully recorded agent details. Another attraction was the opportunity to win the gold trophies, which hit the hands Damian Kordas. His achievement allowed him to cancel one wrong answer during the test.

In the second contest, the stars moved to the nearby countryside Puerto de la Cruz. Their task was to help with the transition, ie moving furniture from one property to another with their owners. The participants had to pack up many of the elements on which the amount they received was based. Push the kinga for all the items you brought safely. was so 5200 (Michael, Marisia), 4750 (Damien, Viola).

In the last contest, the mystery of the provision in the program was clarified Pay attention to the cash register. Some thought the agent was stealing money. At the same time, the answer was quite different.

Who is in the final of Agent 4?

The participants participated in the most difficult test of knowledge about the agent, which consists of many detailed questions regarding all the episodes of the last release, and was the most interesting … e-mail address of the agent. He was the person who appeared in the finals. This means that the last meeting will meet: Maria Sadovska. Misik Kotarski And Damian Kordas. In the semi-finals with more fighting, she said goodbye Viola Kołakowska.

The winner of the fourth version of the program will fight for 71 900 gold.

Who is the agent?

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