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Punk Brewster Reboot in the works with the original star – / Film


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I guess the TV restart / reactivation thing is still happening, because Punk Brewster The restart is now in the works. In the original series, the abandoned boy Punky Brewster (Sollo luna luna) and his dog Brandon settled into an empty apartment building somewhere in Chicago. The somewhat grumpy manager of the building, Henry Warnimont (George Gaynes), then became the adoptive father of Punky. The scams continued. the Punk Brewster He will bring Soleil Moon Frye back as Punk, now with a son of his own. I can only badume that the scams will come once more.

It seemed that the madness of television revival might be diminishing, but Deadline is reporting a Punk Brewster The restart is currently in the works of UCP, the television production company that operates within NBCUniversal. Here is how the restart is described:

The original multi-camera series, created by David W. Duclon, focused on Punk (Frye), a bright young girl raised by an adoptive father (George Gaynes). In the multi-camera / hybrid reboot, Punky (Frye) is now a single mother of three who tries to get her life back on track when she meets a girl who reminds her so much of her youngest self.

But what about the dog Brandon? Will he return? (Yes, I know that the real dog has already pbaded away, but I'm choosing to pretend it's not true). The original Punk Brewster It was executed on NBC from September 16, 1984 until March 9, 1986, before joining the syndication. The show was quite popular for its time, and it even generated an animated series called It's Punky Brewster, presenting the original cast doing the voice work. The show also featured an episode in which an anguished and traumatized punk had to learn to cope with the Challenger disaster (seriously, this really happened).

TV revivals and restarts have been plentiful lately. Netflix brought back Full house with Fuller House. There was also a Will and grace revival, together with Roseanne, the last of which got huge scores (although it was finally canceled and changed its name as The conners, for reasons that I really do not want to enter here. Murphy Brown He was also given a second chance in life, but it was recently canceled. And then, of course, there was the bright nightmare. Twin Peaks Renaissance on Showtime.

And now we can add Punk Brewster To the mix. The revival series will be written and produced by Steve and Jim Armogida (School of Rock, A land for life), with Frye as one of the executive producers.

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