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REVIEW: Blue and green milk make us blue in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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Greetings from Black Spire Outpost! Since the first Star Wars movie released in 1977, there has been a kind of mystique around the blue milk seen in A new hope. What would he know? Well, we finally discovered it thanks to the Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Here, the blue and green milks are made with "a mixture of coconut and rice based on frozen plants". So, was it worth the wait? Let's find out!

Spoiler: These are not the milk you're looking for.

Blue Milk – $ 7.99

First of all, I agree with Blue Milk, but I still do not understand why they made both plant-based options. Disney is clearly struggling to make a special signature drink. The initial attempt of Disney in Butterbeer was LeFou's Brew, and clearly they tried again with these "milks", but they failed. Why? Well, everything is reduced to taste … and in this case, the texture. They should have made at least one option a dairy option for people who are not used to plant-based brews.

We were very disappointed by these two milks, but blue is definitely the tastiest of the two. I could try again, but definitely not ask that.

Another thing, these drinks come literally from a tap, and decanting takes a total of about 10 seconds. (LeFou beer, at least, has foam cover). There is nothing authentic, which makes the price of $ 8 a bit difficult to swallow. These are served frozen, and although you can get the unfrozen version like Blue Bantha in the Oga canteen, we are convinced that the unfrozen version tastes even worse.

I know we are overcoming the point of death here, but the absence of creaminess in these causes us to lose control, especially because it is waiting for some type of milk from mammals. When Disney's Hollywood Studios used to host the Star Wars weekends, they used to offer a blue raspberry milk that was much better than this.

If you are still looking to try blue milk, keep in mind that it is sweet, but not fruity, and although they are made with coconut milk and rice, I tried some touches of almond.

Green Milk – $ 7.99

For lack of better words, green milk is rude. Its taste is disgusting and too herbal … almost like an antacid. Nobody at the table really liked this drink. Seriously, do not understand this.

If you are looking to milk (sorry) your time inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, keep in mind that mobile orders are available at Milk Stand. They also promised us a Novelty Beverage Ship from the Bubo Wamba Family Farms, but it has not yet appeared on Earth.

Make sure you visit starwars.wdwnt.com to get all the latest information about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. May the force be with you!


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