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Seattle man builds fence around car-share vehicle illegally parked at duplex

SEATTLE (KOMO / CNN) – A Seattle man took the matter into his own hands when a car-sharing vehicle was left illegally in front of his duplex.

A Seattle man built a fence around a car-sharing vehicle parked illegally in front of his duplex. (Source: KOMO / CNN)

Dan Smith built a fence around the car and said the company needs to pay his fees to get the car back.

Smith, who said he manages the duplex, can recognize the humor that some people find in the steps he has taken to prove a point.

For two weeks, the fence has been blocked in the car2go vehicle.

Smith said he put it on after the company did not offer him a timely plan to have the car removed after someone parked it there.

"I had no idea what the responsibility was, but I just wanted to avoid it," Smith said.

Smith is now asking Share Now, the company that operates car2go, to pay a series of fees to recover the car.

He said he is frustrated by how the company has handled the situation and wants to see changes to help prevent something like this from happening again.

"My real point is to make a change in the system," Smith said.

According to the city's website, car-sharing vehicles can be parked in paid parking areas, limited-time parking areas or restricted parking areas.

Share now said he made several attempts to recover the car.

In a statement, the company said: "Even though he professed his desire to have the vehicle removed, a person claiming to own the property is obstructing his removal and demanding payment. We do not tolerate our vehicles being held by This is now a legal matter. "

Smith, however, said: "I think they are the author and the victim."

Smith said he is willing to keep the car blocked until the rates are paid, or if the police come to tell him he has done something illegal.

"You hate discomfort like this, but it's partly like," Come on, big business, you have to respect people, "he said.

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