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Shot or corner? Controversy over the Red Bulls goal against NYCFC

The New York Red Bulls took a second-half lead over their NYCFC rivals in Sunday's Hudson River Derby with a quick, hand-to-hand play of a throw-in. It sounds simple enough, right?

Think again.

The NYCFC was immediately outraged when Danny Royer headed for his second goal of the game, the winning goal after being matched with a late penalty in the first half:

The source of your frustrations? They were convinced that the previous play should have been whistled like a corner kick, rather than the Red Bulls' throw that led to the goal.

In the previous sequence, NYCFC's Alex Callens, under the pressure of a Red Bulls attacker deep within his own half, threw a high clearance off-limits, and Corey Rockwell's close-range badistant seemed to indicate a serve of corner. However, the Red Bulls quickly took the kick when NYCFC seemed to be preparing a corner kick, and scored two pbades later.

Despite furious protests from the visitors, referee Alan Kelly confirmed the goal, and FS1 broadcaster JP Dellacamera commented later in the game that they had been told that Kelly had rejected Rockwell's decision on a corner kick. , changing it to a throw-in.

TO UPDATE: After the game, the refereeing team confirmed to the designated pool reporter that Kelly had canceled the badistant referee's call because "he was in a better position to judge that the ball came off for a throw-in" and that he "verbally stated that The restart was a throw-in. "

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