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Sophie Turner is committed to never working in the states against abortion, and is asked where was filmed & # 39; Game of thrones & # 39;

The boycott of Hollywood states with highly restrictive abortion laws continues to gather momentum, with dozens of high-profile stars signing a pro-life state boycott, vowing not to work in states like Georgia that have pbaded "beat bills" forbidding abortion. after the detection of a heartbeat. But some of those stars are being called for their willingness to shoot in countries that have even more strict abortion laws than the states that are now boycotting.

Among those who officially joined the boycott movement are Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner, who are co-stars in the upcoming X-Men movie "Dark Phoenix." In an interview with Sky News published on Wednesday, Chastain and Turner announced that they both signed a letter together with dozens of colleagues who promised to boycott the pro-life states.

"There is a letter around that I signed saying that I will not work in any state that denies the rights of women, of the LGBTQ community, of anyone," Chastain told Sky News. "I'm not going to work in a state that discriminates."

"I signed it too," said Turner. "I still have to tell my agents that I signed it in. They're going to say:" What, can not you work in these states? "Yes, I can not work in these states."

Turner was then asked if she was willing to work for years on "Game of Thrones," much of which was filmed in Northern Ireland, "where women can face life in prison for aborting a pregnancy," she says. Sky News.

Turner did not try to reconcile the conflict; instead, she only expressed her relief that the show ended. "There was a lot of work from 'Game of Thrones' there, so luckily we went ahead," he said.

The boycott movement would particularly affect Georgia, which has become the third largest movie producing state in the country and has generated about $ 2.7 billion in direct revenue through the film industry last year. Along with three other states, including Alabama, Georgia recently pbaded a law that protects unborn children from abortion when a heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks after pregnancy.

The pro-life state boycott movement is gaining momentum, with the help of Netflix, Disney, NBCUniversal, CBS, Showtime and WarnerMedia, who have threatened to take action against states that restrict abortion. But, like Turner, some of these companies face awkward questions about their willingness to shoot in places with highly restrictive abortion laws.

As The Daily Wire reports, Netflix is ​​being especially criticized: "The same week that Netflix threatened Georgia, the company started working on its third Arabic original, titled 'Paranormal', which, of course, was will produce in Egypt … Up to three original Netflix series were recorded in the Middle East, two of which are produced in Jordan: & # 39; Jinn & # 39; Al & Rawabi School for Girls & # 39 ;. Jordan (where parts of "Aladdin" were filmed) restricts abortion in almost all cases, except when the life or mental health of the mother is at risk; Those who break the law face imprisonment. Egypt also prohibits abortion in almost all cases.

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