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Swamp Thing Showrunner Interview: Mark Verheiden – / Film

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Swamp Thing It is not Mark VerheidenThe first comic adaptation. Wrote the script for Timecop, based on his own comic, and the script for The mask. He also wrote for Reckless on Netflix. Now he is running DC Universe Swamp Thing next to Gary Dauberman.

Verheiden spoke with / Movies by phone this week. Swamp Thing originally I was going to run 13 episodes, but the last three were cut. He addressed that and the development of the broadcast series in our interview. Swamp Thing it opens today.

You have adapted comics for movies and television. How did you approach Swamp Thing?

I think we're getting closer Swamp Thing with a great respect for the original creation of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, but I think Gary, me, James Wan and the people of Atomic Monster also appreciated a lot what Alan Moore and Steve Bissette did a bit later in the race. So we approached him with the intention of finding that tone and then find a way to adapt it to television and play a bit with mythology, but not with a huge amount, but only find an interesting way to enter. Trying to be very respectful of the original books that I think we all love. In my case, Swamp ThingAlan Moore's books brought me back to the comics after being out of them for a while, so they were a big influence for me.

Even Alan Moore's career was some time ago. Was there also an aspect of modernization? Swamp Thing?

A bit of that, and also considering where we are in the world in terms of ecological problems. Also where are we in the world in terms of how the economy is affecting small cities like the city of Marais in our universe. We wanted to make sure we were set in this century and, therefore, incorporate some of the issues that arose since those books were published, but really trying to hang on to that strange sense of the Gothic south that I think Alan Moore runs. especially, that really strange feeling that you got from that world that he created with Swamp Thing and Abby and all the other characters around him. There is a Southern Gothic feel that really encouraged us and that we really wanted to try to capture in this show, but in a modern setting. It is not the period. It is set in a modern day, but it is a kind of city out of time, independently of the Marais of our world. One of those cities canceled, when the highway pbaded 25 years ago, so they do not receive many visitors.

Swamp Thing It always has an environmental message component with contamination. Is it possible to address current problems such as climate change through Swamp Thing?

I think everything is on the table. In the first season, we address the very specific problems that have manifested in the marsh surrounding Marais, but I believe that as we move forward, we can certainly explore other aspects along with the supernatural, which is the other aspect that basically unleashes. In the first season of the show. The terrible ecological damage that has been done to the swamp has created an imbalance. That imbalance has a supernatural component in this swamp. So that has come out and is causing all kinds of havoc in Marais among our various cast members.

Andy Bean was chosen primarily for the pilot?

Andy is in the pilot but, surprisingly, he is in other episodes in ways that I think are a bit unexpected, but maybe he is expected to have read some of the other books. He obviously is great in the pilot. The good thing about Andy was that he gave us a real anchor so that the relationship develops between Abby and Swamp Thing as we move forward. Andy gave us that root. Oh wait, this is a guy we like and who we like to deal with, a guy Abby would really like. But it's interesting as we move forward because the history of the first season to a certain point is the origin of Swamp Thing. Part of the origin of Swamp Thing is dealing with what it has become. It is not a character that changes from one side to another, it becomes Alec Holland and then Swamp Thing. So, how he deals emotionally with that is also a big part of the first season.

Derek as Swamp Thing will also have dramatic scenes and characters?

Oh, absolutely. The building relationship between Abby and Swamp Thing is really the core of what this season is all about. It's a very hairy romance to some extent. One thing I like to say about this is that he fell in love with Alec Holland. As we move forward, she begins to fall into a sense of love with Swamp Thing. What Alec Holland has is Swamp Thing, but now he has a greater range of perceptions because of what he is experiencing now that he has become Swamp Thing and one with the swamp. These are all aspects to explore as we move through the season.

Can Swamp Thing speak?

Yes. You will see that it becomes quite verbal and it is. When we meet him for the first time, he is trying to understand even what is happening to himself. I think that as we move forward, he begins to understand more and can articulate that. So it's a verbal thing from the swamp and it goes through many changes as we move through the season.

Did James Wan help design any of the creatures?

James was very, very involved in the design of Swamp Thing. There are some others that I will not enter that are also in the first season. Definitely involved intimately with the definition of the Swamp Thing suit. We went with a place called FracturedFX, which is directed by Justin Raleigh, who has done practical effects for the other James movies. They threw him out of the park. They just created an amazing suit for Derek to wear. We all work on it, but James' vision was what we started with.

What was the input that Swamp Thing had to be this?

Again, be faithful to the appearance of the books. I think our Swamp Thing is a little darker perhaps than some of the previous film versions, a little more intense. However, I will say in the sense of where makeup and things have gone from the movies and the old television show, the improvements they can make, Justin Raleigh could make an incredible suit that maybe was not even possible. years ago. It simply transmits all the emotion you want to convey. Derek is able to act through it, which is great. Acts through it not only facially but within your body. He gave us everything we wanted, but basically I think we really wanted to get something as true to the books as we could.

We understand that you lost three episodes. What will not we see at the end of season one?

You will see much of what we had planned. Some of them would have been surprises despite everything. It is a history of origin. This is the character of Swamp Thing who accepts himself and is a love story about Abby who realizes how they can fit into that world. So I hope to see that relationship flourish, change and be tested and challenged, all sorts of things like that in the first season.

Does episode 10 continue to reach the point you intended to reach at 13?

Yes I think so.

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