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Tesla Model 3 Owner Drives 15,000 Miles For $630


Published in August 12, 2019 |
by Kyle Field

August 12, 2019 by Kyle field

The owner of a long-range Tesla Model 3 and rear-wheel drive recently traveled to Reddit to unpack the actual cost of the cargo in his domestic loader and in every Supercharger visited in more than 13 months of ownership. Kindly shared the data of each session in a single Google spreadsheet that has all the fun details, for the curious data. Thanks to its eMotorwerks / EnelX JuiceBox 40, it was able to extract data from each loading session that puts everything to scale.

Tesla supercharging station in Redondo Beach, California. Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

From the beginning, he shared that he spent an average of $ 47.90 per month to load at home and at several Tesla Supercharging stations. That is a savings of $ 100 compared to what I was paying for gasoline every month, and a testament to the central efficiency of Model 3 and electric vehicles in general, compared to their combustion vehicle counterparts.

Being a little nerd of data (I'm pretty sure Excel spreadsheets are my love language), I immersed myself in the data and came back with some nuggets of information.

A Tesla loading at home. Image credit: Tesla

  • 8.6% of the load was made in Tesla Superchargers.
  • 15.2% of the cost of the charge went to Tesla for its Superchargers, and that is with three of the sessions that are free because Tesla enabled the free Supercharge in response to flooding in the area.
  • The house was charged at a base rate of $ .07 / kWh, or $ .11 / kWh, including fees, taxes, etc.
  • The cost of running the new power line for the domestic charger ($ 700) was almost equal to the cost of the entire load in the first year ($ 622.73).
  • 5,194.67 kWh were pumped into Model 3, allowing 15,123 miles for an efficiency of 2.91 mi / kWh or 343.5 watt-hours per mile. It clearly has a foot advantage, as EPA rates the LR RWD Model 3 at 3.84 miles per kWh.
  • Total annual maintenance cost of $ 9.50 for windshield washer fluid.

The data provides an excellent view of the actual cost to operate and charge an electric vehicle. This is a real case of a real owner who is only living life, charging as necessary.

The actual energy required for a Model 3 or any other EV will depend on where you live, how you drive, the use of air conditioning and the like, but this single-owner snapshot offers a good view of what you can expect for many new owners. .

Grayson loading a Tesla Model 3 in a 72kW urban Supercharger at Tesla & # 39; s Thousand Oaks station, California. Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica

On the savings side of the equation, this owner paid about $ 100 more per month for gas than he now pays for electricity. It is an impressive saving of 68%, from $ 148 / month spent on the gasoline engine to just under $ 50 to keep the Model 3 charged.

Source: Reddit

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