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The audio clips on the & # 39; bribery & # 39; in the process of university recruitment they become viral

The recruitment process at Sri Krishnadevaraya University in Vijayanagar has been stalled by corruption allegations with two audio clips that have become viral in terms of current recruitment for non-teaching positions.

However, the Vice Chancellor M.S. Subhas has rejected accusations that the recruitment process for teaching and non-teaching positions is being carried out in the most transparent manner.

One of the two audio clips has the voice of a woman and a man, identified as Fathima and Ramesh, both said to work as hired employees at the university and who have applied for non-teaching positions, discussing in Telugu about the payment of bribes . to get an appointment. You hear the woman say that she had to pay ₹ 10 lakh for the charge, while the man asks her to be cautious to make sure the money does not go into the wrong hands. He also asks how he could fix the money.

In another audio clip, you hear a man, identified as Chidananda, also employed by contract and candidate, who asks the librarian, identified as Kattimani, to talk to the Vice Chancellor to get him a job.

Meanwhile, Mr. Subhas, after hearing the audio clips, summoned the four (Ramesh, Fathima, Chidananda and Kattimani) and put them out of commission in charge of activities that tarnished the image of the university. After that, it was reported that Ramesh was mistreated by some people for releasing the audio clip. However, he has not filed any police complaint in this regard.

When contacted, Mr. Subhas said The Hindu that the accusation of bribery, as shown in the audio clip, is false and without foundation.

Mr. Subhas also said that it was the result of a fight between two groups of hired employees, one of whom wanted the recruitment process to continue while the other was against.

"We have initiated actions against the four involved in the two audio clips. "The written exam for the non-teaching positions was carried out as scheduled on Saturday and another will be held on June 3," he said.

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