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The enemy AI of the Colonial Marines broke up due to a typographical error

Critically criticized by players, fans of the Aliens franchise and major game publications, Aliens: Colonial Marines for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 was an undeniably terrible game. Twinfinite called it a "mbadive disappointment" back then. One of the biggest problems of the game is its broken artificial intelligence, but apparently it can be corrected by correcting a typo in the files of the game.

As echoed in Resetera, modder jamesdickinson963 was able to correct the terrible AI behavior of the game by simply correcting the "teather" typo in "tether" from the .ini file. This misspelling in the .ini file significantly impedes the ability of the enemy AI because it prevents important AI parameters from being loaded.

Normally, the xenomorphs in Aliens: Colonial Marines would rush blindly to kill you and your squad or will idle idly from time to time. Fixing the typo makes enemies more convincing enemies, making them more reactive with their environment, as they now hide behind the cover before attacking.

While AI improvements sound exciting, you should not immediately jump into Aliens: Colonial Marines or buy a copy of the game. It is worth noting that correcting the typo does not completely solve the enemy AI, but only improves a bit. There are also other problems to face, such as outdated graphics, numerous bugs and failures, linear levels, a lackluster FPS game, and much more.

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