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The horrible AI of the colonial marines is solved with a single letter

By Robert Workman

  Aliens "title =" Aliens "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "data-item =" 1122827 "/></figure><p> You may remember a few years ago that <i> Aliens: Colonial Marines </i> came to light, but despite being in the middle of a wave of exaggerations, the game simply could not cut it, mainly due to the dull AI , horrible technical problems of a hasty production cycle and timid game.</p><p> But imagine our surprise when we discovered that one of the main problems of the game ended up being repaired thanks to a very slight repair No, we are talking <i> of a letter </i>.</p><script async src=

The game went on sale last week for the very low price of $ 3, which led some fans to try again, but it was the addition of a patch made by a fan that received the most attention, providing a Laugh of solutions to visual and gaming problems.

Now this is the fun part. One of those corrections came with the discovery of a typographical error of a letter that results in terrible AI behavior in the game to begin with. There was supposed to be a "tie" system, but the word ended up appearing as "teather". That's right, someone incorrectly programmed that line of code and surprisingly, some things went wrong with the game.

So, what happened when a moddb user named jamesdickinson963 noticed the problem and then addressed it? According to him, the game "controls the adjustment of the tactical position, the patrolling and the zoning of the target.When a xeno is generated, it is connected to a zone binding.This zone tells the xeno what area is its combat space and where there are different combat outputs, a xeno will be forced to change to a new binding (like one behind you) to flank or disperse, so they are not so grouped, etc. "With the misspelling, well, you get IA dirty

Some players have noticed with the solution, the AI ​​of the game now presents a drastically improved AI behavior, with the monsters reaching the players from high attack positions, as well as taking advantage of the hiding points and multi-monster flanks. That does not mean that the graphics are better, but they are still a step in the right direction.

What we are trying to find out is how Gearbox Software lost this single error. Okay, he has not released a patch for the game since 2013, as he switched to projects like Battleborn and his new 1-on-1 shooter that he's working on right now. But, man … a line of code really made a big difference.

If you want to try the game, only costs $ 3 in Fanatical and you can download the patch to go side by side. As for the owners of the console … I'm sorry, there's no solution for you yet.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

( Hat tip for ArsTechnica for the scoop!)


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