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This mom went viral for her "Is that real?" Booty – Lauren Regno Butt Workout

"If I had a fake butt, it would be much bigger."

This is how Lauren Regno responds, an influential person in the 26-year exercise with 111,000 followers on Instagram, when strangers, including a woman who recently approached her at Target, question the authenticity of her bad.

Regno went viral for the first time in March 2018, when former Vine star and Instagram influencer Ross Smith presented her bad in a video that ambaded 11 million hits. In it, a grandmother who visits a fitness exhibition asks the question that is probably on the minds of many people after seeing Regno for the first time: "Where can I get a butt like that?"

Regno's construction philosophy is simple: If you're not lifting a lot, you're not going to grow.. "You have to enter the mentality that you can lift more weight than you think you can," she says.

The residents of Modesto, California, took years to realize that. In high school, she basically just walked on the treadmill, and it was not until after she gave birth to her daughter in 2013 that she thought about lifting.

"I woke up at 5 a.m. with the baby and I was so busy that I forgot to eat," she says. "I got so small that my butt went completely".

So Regno gravitated towards the weight room, where his first attempts produced a small definition: for a year, he went to the gym three days a week and made three to four sets of up to 15 repetitions in the leg press, flexing the hamstring and leg extension machines. "I thought my butt was huge, but it was five times smaller than now," he says, attributing this to the fact that back then, She just went through the movements without increasing her weight.

Then, two years ago, a coach offered to train her for a bikini contest and Regno learned about progressive overload, a method of weight lifting that requires constantly increasing the amount of pounds he uses. "Increasingly stronger shows me that my gluteal muscles are growing," he says of how the method affects aesthetics.

Now, Regno works the lower part of his body only twice a week. "My workouts are difficult!" She says. "If I can do three days a week, I'm not training enough."

He adds that it is his effort, not non-conventional exercises, that gives results. "People want to make crazy new movements, but you do not need them" she says. "I stick to the basics."


The routine of the lower body takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, half of what your gym sessions last. "You do not necessarily see more gains in more time," she says. "I lift, I do it, and I'm going to recover and rest."

It helps that she spends less time on the treadmill: "I lift up strong enough to get out of breath, so lifting is my main cardio," says Regno, although he still participates in approximately three 20-minute sessions of uphill walks. week. for health purposes. In total, she is in the gym five days a week, dedicating a session to the shoulders and chest, one to the arms and the other to the back, in addition to the two days of her legs.

Eat for a famous bad of Insta

Training for the bikini contest required a super-restrictive and low-sugar eating plan, but now, Regno has finished with that. "When you get on stage, you must have the feeling that there is no body fat in you," she says. "Now my focus is on balance."

On a typical leg training day, Regno eats two eggs and two egg whites with avocado for breakfast, and then, on his way to the gym, he packs a PopTart or a bag of Crunchy Cinnamon of dry toast, Kix or Captain Crunch After your workout, you will prepare protein pancakes with the Kodiak Cakes mix, water and protein powder, which are microwaved and covered with berries and sugar-free syrup.

Lunch is lean ground beef with green beans, broccoli or a combination of frozen vegetables served with white rice, and later in the day, you will eat an apple with peanut butter. Dinner tends to be similar to lunch, but Regno sometimes eats some low-fat Greek yogurt and lean ground beef or prepares another batch of protein pancakes if he feels something sweet: "I have a sweet tooth," he says. She does not drink alcohol, but only as a matter of personal preference.

"I did not realize how many people could do Instagram," says Regno, who once studied nursing. Now, she earns up to $ 1,000 per sponsored publication from various supplement companies and sportswear brands.

"I'm the biggest I've ever seen," he says, referring to his bad, body weight and, perhaps, his personal brand. "I feel like I've never seen myself better."

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