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Turnpike Trovadores Cancels all shows, continues indefinitely

The future of Troubadours Turnpike He has many doubts after the group announced the cancellation of all scheduled concerts, since they are making an indefinite break, with immediate effect. The news was delivered on social networks on Friday (May 31), with a note asking for continuous thoughts and prayers.

The six-paragraph explanation includes information about reimbursements and alludes to major trauma, conflicts, illnesses or discomforts within the band without providing details about who is affected or how. While it's serious, it's not a surprising announcement, since the Turnpike Troubadours have been cancelled Many of his shows since last fall, including a series of shows planned for Memorial Day weekend.

Friday's note says:

We want to apologize again for the abrupt cancellations of our shows last weekend. We can badure you that the situation was not under our control.

We want nothing more than the opportunity to heal and not put all of you through this again. To have the opportunity for some of this, we need to cancel all of our remaining tour dates. Turnpike Troubadours will have an indefinite break until a moment when we feel that we all have a strong mind, body and spirit and that we can offer what our fans deserve.

Refunds for all scheduled shows can be made at the point of purchase.

To all of you who have given us so much, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You believed in us, you brought us up, you stayed with us and you gave us more unconditional love than any band could ask for. We are humiliated.

We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we work to support and encourage.

Thank you all for everything. We love you!;

Last fall note about a cancellation it included a reference to one of the members of the band (RC Edwards, Kyle Nix, Ryan Engleman, Evan Felker, Gabriel Pearson, Hank Early) who were struggling with a problem that they had to stop and tackle collectively. Since then, there has been widespread speculation that singer and leader Evan Felker is battling addiction. Neither the band nor Felker have commented on the rumors. Felker went out and traveled with Miranda Lambert in 2018, but the Turnubike Troubadours could not meet all the dates. The couple separated later that year.

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