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What to expect in WWDC: iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13

The Apple World Developer Conference is scheduled to begin on June 3 with a presentation event that will see Apple present the next-generation versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

We've rounded up all the rumors we've heard so far about the features we can expect in each of the new operating systems. Watch the video below and read on to have a look at what is coming.

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Many of these rumors have been obtained from BloombergMark Gurman and 9to5MacGuilherme Rambo, who shared details about what will come in 2019.

iOS 13 It will be an important update, which will present some of the features that iOS users have expected to get on the iPhone and iPad for quite some time. Next, we will summarize all the main characteristics that we expect, with all the details in iOS 13 available in our summary iOS 13.

iOS 13It is expected, like iOS 12, to introduce speed improvements for devices, including older devices, and will include bug fixes thanks to Apple's 2018 plan to focus more on quality.

Dark mode

iOS 13 will introduce a dark mode for the first time, allowing users to choose between clear and dark subjects. There are many details about the dark mode at this time, but it is expected to be a feature of the whole system very similar to the dark fashion that appeared in macOS Mojave.

Apps that are currently in clear mode will only have darker themes available when setting dark mode, such as books or maps, existing applications that have a darker night mode.

Filtered screenshots of iOS 13 suggests that the Dark Mode option will be enabled through the Settings application or the Control Center. The home screen will look similar to the home screen in light mode, although the base will be darker.

New HUD volume

If you're tired of the current volume interface that blocks half of the iPhone when you're adjusting the volume, there's good news: it's expected to change. iOS 13.

We are expecting a volume HUD that is less intrusive than the current version, with something that occupies so much space on the screen. We have made fun of how it could look next.

Sleep mode

iOS 13 it is expected to optimize the behavior of the suspension time with a sleep mode that is available in the control center. According to the rumor, the sleep mode will be in Do Not Disturb, it will darken the screen so that it is not so bright if you pick up the phone in the middle of the night and mute all incoming notifications.

Unspecified improvements can also be found in the Bedtime tab that is available in the Clock application. Bedtime is a feature that was first introduced in iOS 12 and is designed to send you reminders when you should go to bed.

Protectors updates

various Protectors-The specific characteristics will be reviewed in iOS 13, so this should be an important update for those who use iPads. A new home screen layout is expected, but few details have been provided.

Apple is introducing improved multitasking. Protectors Applications will support multiple windows through a tab view, and there may be stackable cards within applications that can be rearranged. The applications will have sheets that are initially attached to the screen, but they can be separated and dragged so that you can have several instances of the same application open (or different applications).

These application cards can be stacked on top of each other, and a depth effect will indicate which cards are on the top or bottom. As with card-based interfaces in other parts of iOS, you can close an application card by throwing a card to discard it.

There will be a new gesture to undo the text entry in Protectors, allowing users to undo or redo in action with a touch of three fingers in the keyboard area along with a slide to the left or to the right. Apple will add a new gesture to select multiple items in table and collection views, allowing users to drag several fingers on the screen to draw a selection.

There have been rumors that mouse support could reach the Protectors as an accessibility option, and iOS 13 It would be an ideal time to introduce that function, although it has not been confirmed that it is part of the update.

Update the Find My iPhone application

Apple is designing a new Find My iPhone application that also incorporates Find My Friends iOS 13, we no longer have two applications for these features. It is said that the new application includes a network feature that will allow you to track Apple devices even when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network by taking advantage of other iOS devices that are nearby.

A mock-up of the "Find My" application icon iOS 13

The application, which is expected to be called "Find My", will include the existing features of Find My iPhone as Lost Mode and an option to remotely wipe a device. The location-based exchange options that were obtained from Find My Friends will also be available.


It is said that the messages are acquiring a new WhatsApp style feature that will allow users to add their own profile image and name to display, and then choose who sees that information. Apple is also adding a dedicated menu for the Animoji and Memoji stickers.


In the Mail application, Apple may be planning to add new features that will organize messages into search categories such as marketing, shopping, travel, "not important" and more, plus there will be a subsequent read queue and an option to mute incoming mail notifications for specific email threads and a tool to block people you do not want to talk to.


The Reminders application can be updated to make it a little more useful with four predetermined sections arranged in a grid, covering the tasks that will be completed today, all the tasks, the scheduled tasks and the tasks marked.

A filtering iOS 13 Screenshot of the new application Reminders in the Protectors via 9to5Mac


You could be rewarded for reading books in iOS 13 With Apple, perhaps you are planning to introduce a progress tracker and a rewards system to encourage reading. There is no need for this, but it could be similar to the achievement system that rewards you with decals when completing a fitness goal.


The health application may be receiving a new feature related to the health of their ears. It is said that the application includes a section of "hearing health" that will measure the amount of music you hear in your headphones and the volume of the environment that surrounds you.

It includes better tools for monitoring menstrual cycles.

macOS 10.15as iOS 13, it will be an important update for Mac users. Below, we will highlight the main features, but full details about the new software can be found in our summary macOS 10.15.

We do not know what Apple will call. macOS 10.15There will be another point of reference in California, after Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

Multiplatform applications

macOS 10.15paired with iOS 13, an important year in the advancement of the macOS application. Apple began to introduce universal applications. iOS 12 duck macOS Mojave, and that project, known as "Mazapán", will progress in macOS 10.15. Universal applications allow iOS applications to be transferred to the Mac with few changes, resulting in an application that can run on both platforms.

Apple began to port iOS applications to the Mac. macOS Mojave during the first stages of the project, and in macOS 10.15, Apple will give developers the tools to easily bring Protectors Applications for Mac

The objective of Apple with Marzipan is to allow developers to design a unique application that works with a touch screen or a mouse and a trackpad depending on whether it is running on iOS or macOS. This universal feature of the application would likely significantly increase the number of applications available on the Mac, while reducing the workload of developers to create cross-platform applications.

IOS apps that have been transferred to the Mac can take advantage of Mac-specific features, such as touch bar and keyboard shortcuts, along with support for multiple windows. Adding Mac support to an existing iOS application will be as simple as checking a check box in Xcode.

New applications for Mac

As part of the Marzipan project, Apple brings several iOS applications to the Mac and is modernizing others.

There will be new applications of Music, Podcasts and TV, along with an updated Books application, some of which will be built using the tools for Apple Marzipan developers. At this time, all these functions on Mac are made through the iTunes application, but Apple is withdrawing iTunes in favor of these new applications.

All current iTunes features will be available, only through separate applications. The administration of the iOS device is done through iTunes at the moment and will be done through the Music application.

Apple has already announced the TV application, but it is expected to start on the Mac this fall. Music and Podcasts are new applications, and books have been added to carry out a review with an Apple News-style design and new tracking and rewards functions that encourage reading.

The Reminders application, Screen Time and iMessage Effects are also new features that are coming to the Mac in macOS 10.15.

Protectors as an external screen

macOS 10.15 will have an option to send any application to an external screen, including connected monitors and even a Protectors. The function is available through a menu that can be opened by scrolling over the maximize icon in any Mac application.

A model of a Protectors as the second screen for a Mac

The options will be available to open the application on the external screen, make windows in full screen and mosaic windows. In a Protectors compatible with Apple Pencil, users will be able to draw with the Pencil while Protectors is serving as an external screen Protectors in a Wacom style tablet.

End of 32-bit application support

Apple began issuing warnings about 32-bit applications. macOS Mojave, and has said that Mojave will be the latest version of macOS to support them.

Apple is expected to phase out support for 32-bit applications. macOS 10.15which means that some old applications that have not been updated in a while will stop working. Aperture, for example, the photo editing software now suspended from Apple, will not run on macOS after Mojave, nor any other 32-bit application.

It is likely that this change will surprise some people and there may be some people who are upset when the new version of macOS is launched and their favorite old applications are no longer running.

New Find MyApp

It is also expected that the new hybrid application Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in the works for iOS will also reach macOS.

You will find the function Find my iPhone on the web, but it will include the Find my friends functionality and maybe it will have a "search network" function that will allow you to track Apple devices even when Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are disabled. using other nearby iPhones. Apple is expected to name this application only as "Find Me".

Apple Watch Authentication

its Apple clock I can already unlock your Mac, but in macOS 10.15the Apple clock It can be used as an authentication method for other operations on the Mac.

Full details on what this might entail are not available, but could allow the watch to be used instead of entering pbadwords or confirming payments, similar to Touch ID in Touch IDMac enabled.

watchOS 6

There are some new features that come to the Apple clock with the launch of watchOS 6. First, the Apple clock it is rumored that he is getting his own App Store, which would easily download new Apple clock Applications directly from your wrists.

A model of what the App Store it could look like Apple clock

There is not a word on how this will work, but the Apple clock App Store It may also be available on the iPhone. Apple clock application to make it easier to see what you are downloading.

New health applications could come to the Apple clock in watchOS 6, it is rumored that Apple is working on a "Dosage" application for reminders of pills and an application of "cycles" to monitor menstrual cycles.

New applications that include Calculator, Voice Notes and Audio Books could reach the Apple clockand Apple is expected to add support for the Animoji and Memoji stickers.

There will be new complications for the battery life of the hearing aids, the status of audio books, rain data and information on external noise, which is another new feature related to health. Apple clock. Going forward, the Apple clock You may be able to track the level of ambient noise, which lets you know if you are in danger of damaging your hearing.

It is said that several new faces of watches are in the works, including a gradient that looks at a gradient out of the color that the user chooses, two new X-Large faces with jumbo numbers in different fonts and colors, and a California dial that is similar to a clbadic clock but with a mixture of Roman and Arabic numbers.

The existing solar badog face can also be redesigned with a clock face that looks like a sundial.

tvOS 13

We do not know what functions will come in 13, since it does not even have the same major changes as other operating systems, but Apple could further refine the TV application and lay the groundwork for the next Apple Arcade service, designed to let you access games exclusive for a monthly fee.

The games will be available on iPhone, Protectors, Mac and Apple TV.

Other possible ads

Mac Pro

Apple is working on a modular high performance and high performance. Mac Pro It is scheduled to be released in 2019, and we could see it for the first time at the World Developers Conference.

There is no guarantee that we will see the new one. Mac ProBut when Apple debuted in 2013 Mac Pro, was shown at WWDC before its release in December. Apple is also working on a high-end screen of 6K and 31.6 inches. Mac Pro.

New iPhone cases and Apple clock bands

WWDC is one of the events where Apple usually reveals Apple clock bands, iPhone cases, ducks Protectors Cases in cool colors of summer.

This year should be an exception, and we can also see another rainbow pride band, since Apple has made rainbow bands in June over the past few years.

MacRumors coverage

Apple will have a live broadcast of the WWDC keynote available on its website and through the Events app. Apple TV, but to be able to see, we will be covering the event in MacRumors.com and through Our Twitter account of MacRumorsLive. We will also have detailed coverage of all Apple ads during the week.

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