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What we learned from Manny Pacquiao vs. Lucas Matthysse

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Manny Pacquiao knocked out Lucas Matthysse in the seventh round for the WBA "regular" world welterweight title at the Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, the Saturday live on ESPN +. This is what we learned from Pacquiao's brilliant screen.

The game is not over for Pacman

AP Photo / Yam G-Jun

Pacquiao (60-7-2, 39 KOs), 40 in December, showed there still has life and this victory, his first knockout since stopped Miguel Cotto in November 2009, has silenced the arguments that he is on the run after the defeat against Jeff Horn a year ago.

It was a return to ways to win after the controversial point loss to Australian Horn and Pacquiao also picked up a secondary world title.

Victoria silenced talking about her declining power and instead establishing the possibility of more lucrative fights for the Filipino.

Matthysse (39-5, 36 KOs), 35, of Argentina, was knocked down three times by Pacquiao, who hit 95 hits to 57, according to CompuBox.

Pacquiao – the only world champion of eight divisions and one whole – great time – proved that his career is not in decline or in crisis.

"I'm still here," Pacq said uiao.

"Sometimes you just need to rest and get it back, and that's what I did."

The left uppercut that rocked Matthysse for the third time in the seventh round was proof that Pacquiao should still be taken seriously, regardless of the small threat offered by Matthysse. He knocked down Matthysse with the same precise hit in the third round.

If Pacquiao had had another complicated performance like Horn's, then there would have been calls for him to retire.

But not now.

Pacman entered the fray after the longest layoff of his career – 378 days – and after parted company with Freddie Roach, the erudite boxing trainer who guided him for 16 years, earlier this year. Roach had suggested that Pacquiao hang his gloves after losing to Horn.

Crush Matthysse well after the loss, the dismissal, separated from Roach and at 39 years old only improves the legendary status of Pacquiao. What is more remarkable is that Pacquiao spends most of his time as a senator in the Philippines, juggling his political career with his boxing.

But keep it in perspective

As good as Pacquiao was, Matthysse was disappointing and the triumph of the Filipinos does not reverse the fact that it is slowing down.

It remains to be seen if Pacquiao can replicate the same buzzsaw style that terrorized opponents with non-stop aggression before 2015.

And it's a surprise that Pacquiao should be declining at his age after becoming professional as a 14 year old player without a penny in 1995? He won his first world title at age 18 and in recent years has been affected by a shoulder injury.

If Pacquiao keeps boxing and attacking one of the rival champions or main contenders in his next fight, he will find himself swimming dangerous waters.

Who's next?

Mikey Williams / Top Rank

Pacquiao revealed no preference for a future opponent after finishing Matthysse, but one of the rival starters seems to be the most obvious.

Fight against Keith Thurman [who holds the full WBA world title] IBF champion Errol Spence Jr or WBO king Terence Crawford would be big paydays for Pacquiao, but more fights would expect him to lose.

All of the above is at its best and a decade younger than Pacquiao.

Crawford (33-0, 24 KOs), who is also promoted by Top Rank, is the easiest to get, but perhaps the most important fight for Pacquiao now is against Vasyl Lomachenko, the boxer pound for pound No. 1 I would have to move from light weight to a catchweight ash cl.

Pacquiao has previously spoken of fighting against Lomachenko of Ukraine (11-1, 9 KOs), who is also promoted by Top Rank.

But that would be a kamikaze mission for Pacquiao … and it could be humiliating. Lomachenko, quick as light, will fight again in November or December after recovering from an injury and would be Pacquiao's best opponent for five bouts since it was overtaken by Floyd Mayweather in May 2015.

There are other options

There may not be much interest in a rematch with Jessie Vargas, whom Pacquiao highlighted two years ago, but the American is next behind Pacquiao in the WBA ranking and number 3 with the four world governing bodies. [19659008] Englishman Amir Khan, who fights on September 8, has long wanted a fight with Pacquiao, although his speed, still intact based on his last victory in a round, would be a big concern.

But a fight in Dubai or elsewhere in Asia against Khan, whose parents come from Pakistan, make it an interesting proposal for Pacquiao and his considerable entourage.

A farewell fight in the Philippines, where Pacquiao fought for the last time 12 years ago, against a benign opponent would be a worthy farewell to ab The legend of Oxing and his forgiveness against a younger opponent.

But the appeal of a big money fight means that Pacquiao, who has $ 300 million in income in his career but has yielded a lot to benevolent causes and has large tax debts, is likely to roll the dice.

Matthysse is finished at the elite level

After offering so little opposition and danger against Pacquiao, Matthysse will never be able to fight for important titles again. He seemed slow and his reactions disappointed him in his fifth professional defeat.

The Argentine has been on some exciting nights over the years and started in 2018 fulfilling his ambition to win a world title.

But Matthysse could not shine against Thailand's dark Tewa Kiram, who came alive in the eighth round, and was disappointing against Pacquiao, offering little resistance.

KOO's victory over Kiram in the eighth round was Matthysse's second in 27 months since a big loss blow to Victor Postol in October 2015.

Matthysse's career was about to end due to the loss of shock that caused Postol (it took 19 months to fight again) during which an orbital bone was broken and the cornea was injured. He beat Russian Ruslan Provodnikov in one of the best fights of 2015, but it was another fight that shortened Matthysse's career.

The payday of $ 2 million for fighting with Pacquiao could have been Matthysse's last fight of 35 years in the great – time after starting his career in small ballroom shows in Argentina.

If so, Matthysse will be remembered as an audience that will never shy away from a challenge.


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