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Why do Indians love JCB machines?

After doing a lot of memes about Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi, the 2019 elections, the creators of memes were left with a limited selection of content.

And this caused the nation to wake up with a mbadive load of memes flooding the Internet and on a completely unexpected topic, JCB! Suddenly, Facebook and Twitter users were bombarded with memes about a mechanical machine used as an excavator and mechanical excavator.

True love ? #JCBkikhudai pic.twitter.com/eYeLoUQrV7

– RVCJ Media (@RVCJ_FB) May 28, 2019

These memes are complete, with a hashtag and funny stories! #JCBKiKhudayi is one of the hashtags of trends in social networks.

What is the logic behind the meme becoming so viral? Why are you scaling the charts to become the main trend meme of 2019? We have tried to solve the knots and go beyond what is seen with the naked eye.

Why do Indians find these funny memes?

Only legends can get this ..?#jcbkikhudayi pic.twitter.com/ayrqogLja5

– Mohd Sufiyan Ansari (@sufiyanism) May 27, 2019

Memes are meant to generate laughter, but we wonder why memes on a completely random topic go viral at such a strong rate?

The reason could be that we Indians relate so much to all the memes in JCB. Growing up, we've always seen a large crowd gathered around a construction site that has a JCB digging up the dirt. The JCB were, and have been machines that seemed a novel invention, and that made it interesting to watch. So much that we could look at the JCB at work for hours, forgetting all our work and also playing!

Fans of #JCB #JCBkiKhudayi pic.twitter.com/96A7RnnFeP

– iamjaychaurasia ???? (@ JayChaurasia7) May 27, 2019

All these memes send us back to that early age and cause a sense of nostalgia, which makes the meme reach popularity.

While there is no reason to gather around a functioning JCB, it is rare for a JCB to work without an audience around it, and this is the exact USP of the memes. The meme makers have come to the point of pointing out that the reason behind unemployment in India is #JCBKiKhudayi. While this seems to be a drawback of India, the memes have managed to make it fun.

Response from JCB

The company has taken note of memes about JCB that have become viral in India and has also responded to them. This is definitely a positive publicity for the company and they are "humble" for the good press they have obtained.

JCB has tweeted: "We feel truly humble for all the love shown by our brand with #JCBKiKhudai.Thanks to our customers and followers across India for their enthusiasm and support! With JCB, you can #ExpectMore. #JCBKiKhudayi,"

We feel truly humble because of the love shown by JCB in India today, with #JCBKiKhudai Trends throughout the country! Thanks to our customers and followers for their enthusiasm and support! With @JCBIndiaLtd, you can #Wait more. #JCBkikhudayi pic.twitter.com/4oGhCAqcyJ

– JCB (@JCBmachines) May 27, 2019

#JCBKiKhudayi – Origin and best memes

The origin of memes is nowhere to be found, and there are many factors that seem to have set the ball in motion, but no specific reason has been pointed out. Some speak of a boyfriend who attends his own wedding at a JCB, while others suggest that Sunny Leone starts kicking the memes.

JCB's YouTube videos unearthing the earth have more than 5 million hits on the Internet, and some say that this is the main reason why memes started to appear.

Indian will do anything to see #jcbkikhudai pic.twitter.com/4iu8FlhSXg

– friend vimal (@vimupaul) May 29, 2019

Why do you think JCB memes have become so viral so fast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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